Savonlinna Tours is a privately owned travel agency and DMC, located in Savonlinna, in the hearth of the Saimaa Lakeland area. We are your one-stop shop for travel products in and around Savonlinna, Lake Saimaa and also other parts of Finland.

We handle reservations for accommodation, boat cruises, organised activities, guides, meeting and transportation, including charters. We also supply tickets for events, tours, round trips and packages tailored according to the needs of the clients.

We offer taylor made programs for individuals, groups and incentives.

Our travel packages and offers


The Savonlinna Opera Festival is one of the world's best known opera festivals. It takes place every year at the medieval Olavinlinna (St. Olaf's Castle), built in 1475. Unique cultural experience for everyone.

Cruises and activities

The ever-changing face of Lake Saimaa invites you to explore its shores all year round. Find your way to explore lakes and the area by boat, bike, canoe, foot or even skates!

Guide Services

If you wish to get the most out of your stay in the Savonlinna Region, book a guided tour from the officially trained Savonlinna Tourist Guides. Guides are available for groups as well for individual travellers, and in various languages.

Specialities of the local area and local delicates

A definite part of any holiday in Savonlinna should be a visit at the lively marketplace. Hear the local dialect being spoken and find locally made goods and handicrafts.

Live like a local: visit private home or summer cottage, have a sauna, picnic, lunch or dinner. Or go to pick blueberries and learn to make a pie.

Meetings and festivities

The city center of Savonlinna is small and built on islands. The main hotel and meeting facilities are located within walking distance from one another. You can rent a steamer, motor boat, a small unique villa or hotel for your private use with activities.

Self driving tours and Round trips

Rent a car and drive around the beautiful Saimaa Lakeland area. Enjoy highlights of the area and stop in unique spots and sights on the way, as you wish.

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