Specialities of the area and local delicates

Food and drink, a wonderful part of your trip, are also a crucial part of the experience.
You have a fine opportunity on your journey; enjoy local.

The speciality treat of Savonlinna is the lörtsy, small pastry. You can find it savoury or sweet, however you like, with many fillings to choose from. Muikku (vendace) – a Finnish superfood. The silvery-sided vendace is classic in Savo meals and unbelievable tasty and multi use food-fish which can be fried, smoked, charred and boiled. Fried vendace can be found from almost all restaurants in Savonlinna.

The art of beer making is also known in Savonlinna. You can find two different small breweries from our small city.

Nature on your plate - Saimi and mushrooms

High quality local food has been carrying force in Hotel Punkaharju. The hotel mistress Saimi Hoyer’s love for nature also shows on the plate. She is a known friend of mushrooms and mushroom dishes are prominent in the restaurant’s á la carte. Hotel Punkaharju was awarded the Visit Finland’s Hungry for finland prize with three other companies in the area.

Craft & Design Savonlinna

Within the old town of Savonlinna, along the street of Linnankatu, you can find the historical house of Heltimoinen. This wooden house built in 1880 is now in use by local craftspeople and their shops. Pop into a boutique or a workshop and be inspired by local crafts.

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